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Babywearing clothing

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About us

I am a woman a mother of two beautiful kids.

I have always wanted to have children and so when I become a mother, a sling was a natural part of my outfit for my babies. First one, then another... As the stack grew, so did my demands for thermal insulation in the winter months and gained comfort.

After several attempts to attach inserts to jackets, carrying babies under as well as over a regular jacket, and exploring anything accessible as well as inaccessible, I purchased the first piece of clothing designed for such purpose. I must honestly say that I was really grateful for having it and back then I was also happy to get over the fact that in the outrageously expensive jacket I looked like a fisherman... I was warm and it was the main thing.

Six months after my second-born daughter was born, my hobby became my job.

I was given the opportunity to build on my experience with carrying my children, conducting courses for carrying children in slings, and several hours of consultation with my kindred friends.

I started to design, implement and distribute clothing designed specifically to fit parents who carry their children in slings and ergonomic carriers.


It is intended for those of you who want to have your baby with you whether it's cold or hot, those of you who want to wear clothes in which you feel comfortable – comfortable and elegant.


Our products are made in the Czech Republic by Czech hands. We try to adapt and grow from the experience and based on your references.


I believe that you will be happy to let us protect you against bad weather by our angel wings...

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