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Babywearing clothing

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Jackets for kids.

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“Gutted” jacket for children

Children’s winter jacket designed for children who do not want their arms hidden under a babywearing jacket or in a sling.

Our Story:
When my son was one and a half years old, he loved being carried in a sling more than any other times and because it was winter here at the time, we had to sort out some clothes that would keep us both warm. That's when I bought my first jacket specially designed for babywearing and loved how nice warm and cosy we were. But Lucas had a different opinion. He would not leave his arms inside. I wondered how to ensure that parts of his body covered with our babywearing jacket (torso, legs) were not overheating and that his arms, chest and neck were not cold at the same time. I decided for a radical solution and "gutted" his favourite coat so that only the top fabric was left in around this torso, and the rest was warmly lined. It was a temporary solution, but it worked. It was ideal in a sling, but when he wanted to jump out and walk he was cold again. I improvised and was pulling his woollen leg warmers under his coat (lucky he was very slim) and was also coming up with other more or less silly temporaries...

Great news! You don’t have to. We have designed a warm winter jacket for your little ones.
It consists of three layers:
- Water-proof outer layer with PUL coating
- Middle layer from thermo fleece
- Inner layer from comfortable 100% cotton

The jacket has a thick knitted cotton rib both at the ends of the sleeves and around the torso. It “hugs” your baby’s body and makes sure that the jacket does not slide up while you are putting your baby in a sling. It means that what is in the sling is covered with only one layer of cotton (thermally I would match it to a medium warmth sweatshirt) whilst the chest and arms are kept warm.
In case your child does not want to be in the sling, there is a thermo lined part of the jacket that you simply zip on and your sprig can run off to build a snowman or go sledging because the ribbed cotton part does not allow the snow to get on your baby's body.
Therefore, non-baby-worn or rarely baby-worn children will also get a very good use out of it. The jacket is featured with a spacious hood.

Available in two colours:
- Dark blue with a mustard-yellow lining
- Bordo with a grey lining

- I recommend wearing only one layer of functional clothing underneath the jacket (merino wool or outlast long sleeve T-shirt or bodysuit) and a children’s balaclava on their head.
- The jacket very well matches our babywearing winter coats.

Material composition:
Outer layer - 65% Polyester, 33% nylon, 4% elastin
Lining 100% polyester

The jacket is filled with Thermo fleece with TENCEL® admixture. It is a natural product that has several advantages due to its nanofibber structure: the fibber is fine as skin, solid as polyester, as cool as flax, warm as wool and absorbs more than cotton. TENCEL® is capable of absorbing sweat through the nanofibbres from which the fibber is composed. These nanofibbers are hydrophilic and guarantee ideal sweat absorption and optimal skin microclimate.

Maintenance: Gentle wash at 30 degrees, low revs spinning and avoid the dryer.

Manufacturer: Angel wings clothing, s.r.o.

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