Warranty and complain policy


  1. You, as a consumer, have the right to withdraw from the Purchase Agreement  within 14 days from the day you receive the goods. If more types of goods or a delivery of  several parts are are a subject of the Agreement, the 14-day period starts running on the  day the last shipment is received. If a regular and repeated delivery of goods is a subject  of the Agreement the 14-day period starts on the day the last delivery is received. You  can submit the declaration of withdrawal within the 14-day period by e-mail at  obchod@angel-wings.cz or by post to our address that you can find in article II,  paragraph 1 of the Terms, or deliver it to our company in person. You can also withdraw  from the Agreement by filling in a withdrawal form. In case you want to use the form we  will confirm its receipt without any delay. You do not need to give any reasons for your  withdrawal.
  2. Please, bear in mind, that even the Consumer cannot exercise his right of  withdrawal for contracts: for the supply of goods manufactured to the buyer’s specifications or clearly  personalised, where goods cannot be returned for health or hygienic reasons (when goods were  packed into sealed packaging and it was opened).
  3. If you, as a Consumer, decide to withdraw from the Agreement you must then  return the goods you received within 14 calendar days from the withdrawal  communication to the seller. When sending a parcel do not choose COD. These goods  must be returned undamaged and unused, they must be complete and any gifts that were  sent along with the goods must be returned as well, in original packaging if possible. We  recommend you to insure the goods.
    Send the goods along with a copy of a document confirming your payment, an invoice, a  delivery note or another document that would prove that the goods were purchased at  our shop within 14 days of withdrawal from the Agreement. It will significantly speed the  whole process. Not producing these documents does not make it impossible to deal with  your withdrawal. If you have not chosen which means of payment we shall use to send a  refund to you in your communication with us (e.g. in a form), please let us know how we  shall refund the amount, unless you want us to carry out such reimbursement using the  same means of payment as you used for the initial transaction.

  4. If you withdraw from this Agreement, we shall reimburse to you all payments  received from you, as described in paragraph 1., including the costs of delivery (with the  exception of the supplementary costs resulting from your choice of a type of delivery  other than the least expensive type of standard delivery offered by us), without undue  delay and in any event not later than 14 days from the day on which we are informed  about your decision to withdraw from this contract. We may withhold reimbursement until  we have received the goods back or you have supplied evidence of having sent back the  goods. We will carry out such reimbursement using the same means of payment as you  used for the initial transaction (e.g. bank transfer), unless agreed otherwise without extra  costs for you.
  5. The buyer acknowledges that if goods returned by the buyer are damaged,  depreciated or partially consumed, an entitlement shall be established for the seller  toward the buyer for compensation of costs incurred to the seller therefrom. The seller  shall be entitled to unilaterally offset the entitlement to compensation for incurred  damages against the entitlement of the buyer to the return of the purchase price  (including the shipping cost).
  6. In case the buyer will not pay for the ordered goods by the due date, the  Agreement will be cancelled the day following the due date. We reserve the right to  withdraw from the Agreement if we are not able to deliver the goods (they are not  manufactured anymore, they cannot be imported or obtained from the supplier within a normal delivery time – see article III, paragraph 3 of the Terms). In such case the  withdrawal becomes effective when delivered to your e-mail address or your delivery  address. If, before withdrawing from the contract, we received your payment, we will  reimburse it within one week from the withdrawal, unless agreed otherwise.
  7. The Buyer has the right to withdraw from the Agreement in cases defined by the  law, The Purchase Agreement, these Terms for reasons stated in the law, the Agreement  and the Terms.
  8. If a gift is provided alongside the goods to the buyer, a gift agreement between the  seller and the buyer shall be concluded with a condition subsequent that if the buyer  withdraws from the purchase agreement, the gift agreement regarding such a gift shall no  longer be effective and the buyer shall be obliged to return the gift along with the goods  to the seller (within 14 days from the withdrawal).


1. The rights and obligations of the Contracting Parties from defective fulfilment are  governed by the relevant generally binding legal regulations (in particular the provisions of  Section 1914 to 1925, Section 2099 to 2112 and Section 2165 to 2174 Civil Code).

2. The warranty rights are governed by the provisions of Section 2113 to 2117 and  Section 2161 to 2164 of Civil Code.

3. As the seller we are liable to the buyer for a defect-free condition of our goods  upon takeover. In case there is a defect within six months from takeover, the thing is  presumed to have already been defective upon takeover. We guarantee that no defects  will occur within 24 months from receiving the goods (warranty period), unless stated  otherwise. In the case of a thing subject to rapid decay, indication is made of the period  for which the thing may be used, where applicable (the provisions on quality guarantee  apply). Minor differences between colours of our products presented on our website and  actual products are not to be considered defects. Presenting colours on screens depends  on many parameters and depend on the devices buyers use to access our e-shop.

4. If there is a defect that cannot be removed or the defect occurs repeatedly after a  repair or due to a larger number of defects you are entitled to entitled to have a new thing  supplied or to withdraw from the Agreement. Where a defect of an unused thing is  removable you can have the thing repaired or you may require a price reduction, or  require the supply of a new thing without defects, unless it is disproportionate to the  nature of the defect. If you fail to withdraw from the Agreement or assert your right to  have a new defect-free thing supplied, its component part replaced or the thing  repaired,you may require a reasonable price reduction. You also have the right to a  reasonable price reduction where we cannot supply to you a new defect-free thing, replace a component part of the thing or repair it, as well as where we fail to provide for a  remedy within a reasonable time or where such a remedy would cause substantial  difficulties to you.

5. The right from defective fulfilment shall not pertain to the buyer if the buyer knew  before taking over the goods that the goods were defective or that the Buyer caused the  defect to the goods by inappropriate use, not following the instructions, inappropriate  maintenance or inappropriate storing or preservation. For items sold at a lower price, we  are not responsible for the defect for which the discount was provided.

6. Complaints are dealt with without delay after finding defects. You can inform us  about your complaint by the phone or by e-mail at the contacts listed in article II of the  Terms. The product you want to complain about can be delivered in person, by post or  similar by means to our address disclosed in article II of the Terms.We will be glad if you  provide is with an invoice or a different proof of purchase. Please, enclose a description  of the defect and a suggestion what you want to be done to resolve it. We will deal with  the complaint as soon as possible, within 30 days the latest, unless agreed otherwise. We  will send you a written confirmation concerning your complaint. Complaint letter  (download here).

7. If your shipment is delivered by a carrier we kindly ask you to check the delivery in  the presence of the carrier, and in case a damage to your delivery is found, make a  complaint directly to the carrier. The carrier will write a report about the defect and the  parcel will be returned to the sender. The Buyer can refuse to overtake a delivery which  does not comply with the Agreement, i.e. it is not complete or it is damaged. If the Buyer  overtakes the damaged delivery,​ it is necessary​ to describe the damage in a handover  report of the carrier. Please, report an incomplete or damaged delivery as soon as  possible at our e-mail address: obchod@angel-wings.cz It is necessary to write a  damage report with the carrier and send it to us by e-mail or post it. Additional complaint  about incomplete delivery or damage of the contents gives the seller a chance to prove  that it is not a clash concerning the Purchase Agreement.

These Rights enter into force on 1. 9. 2018