Magic date, right? 20.02.2020 20:20 ????
This is when we start the night shopping ????

On Thursday night check our FB or instagram profile.

NIGHT SHOPPING (discounts will appear on our website).maybe it takes a while for all of them to load, but you can see that the original price is crossed out for all products and you see a new price.

You can get discounts up to 70%

Practical info:

  • Discounts are valid until the end of the event or while stocks last.
  • Check your cart very carefully just before sending it, because if someone made a payment in a second before you and “fight” you the last piece of your cart will automatically remove this shop!
  • it is necessary to complete the order for discounts (in the case of a payment gate, including the payment), if you complete the order correctly and our e-shop will receive it you will receive an automatic mail with text: we have accepted your order, etc.
  • Discounts cannot be applied additionally, even to orders created previously.
  • No more discounts and discount codes can be applied to orders in this promotion.
  • Orders from this event can be merged with already created orders at (however, discounts cannot be applied to those orders already created)
  • During the event we will be available to chat on our site as well as on FB and instagram.