Angel Wings’ story or how to follow your dream

About Angel Wings

It has been many years since I came across a chance that let me begin sharing my passion and my dream with many women, now thousands of them all over the world. Back then, there were no pretty clothes for babywearing, so I started making them myself. Initially just for myself at home, then I outsourced a sewing company who made clothes for you.

When I set up the business, I dived in at the deep end. I was incredibly naive and affected by fluctuating hormones. Julie was half year old when this idea was born, an opportunity and a great challenge that I accepted. I knew nothing about running a business.  Economy was not my cup of tea. I just had an idea and a lot of illusions.

The first three years were certainly not a walk in the park. During the day I ran with my daughter on my back and bags on my shoulders between the post office and the factory. I used to work until three in the morning and woke up at six (I breastfed in the meantime). I cannot believe that I survived those years with my health intact.

About Angel Wings

I do not regret a single second of it now. There have been more of us at Angel Wings for a long time now. I work with a great team with whom I create beautiful, elegant and colourful clothes. We show mums all over the world that when they carry their babies in wraps or slings they do not need to wear their husbands’ ugly, shapeless sweatshirts. They can be beautiful and feel fantastic as women, highlighted by the magical essence of materinity.

My story began with my own need and the desire to help. I wanted to show that we can enjoy every day with our children. That we do not need to give up our activities and dreams. We can do sports, go for walks, make trips, travel. We can be active and feel great at the same time.

Show that life starts with children. All its beauty, activity and fulfillment comes with them.

Let’s spoil ourselves with our angel wings. Let the lack of comfort, insufficient self-confidcence and feminity go. You are still you and your life is enriched because of your children…