Do you want to work with us? Do you know any other way you are connected with our topic?
Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Are you

  • a babywearing consultant
  • a lactation consultant
  • mother who has a lot of friends interested in babywearing
  • a store owner, blogger, website author, counselling/advisory centre, or you do any other activity related to babywearing or breastfeeding?
  • a social media influencer?
  • in any other way linked to our business?

We have a great offer for you!

We cooperate with eHub (Czech affiliate network), a virtual environment that brings together people like you and us. Thanks to them we can offer you a commission for every product that someone buys on your recommendation.How does it work?

You have to register here

It only takes 3 minutes.

eHub will generate a special 10% discount code that you give to your customers. As soon as your customer uses the generated discount (link) you will automatically receive 8% of the purchase to your virtual wallet.

You can follow, choose or save your commissions on your profile.

You can track your savings account – and you can see it all in your profile at eHub registration.

The total discount we offer is therefore 10% for your customers + 8% for you for sharing the link only.

Our affiliate list will not be published or posted anywhere.